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Course curriculum

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  • 2

    01 The Basics

    • The Basics

    • Camera Settings

    • Phone Tips

  • 3

    03 Planning Your Props

    • Overview of Sourcing Props

    • List of Prop Ideas

  • 4

    02 Key Elements

    • What you need

  • 5

    05 Editing

    • Basic Editing Walkthrough Using Lightroom

    • Basic Editing using Lightroom Moblie

    • Camera Settings + Editing App Cheat Sheet

  • 6

    04 The Session

    • Styling: The Basic Flatlay

    • Styling: Storytelling Approach

    • Styling: Bold

    • Styling: Minimal

  • 7

    06 Implementation

    • How to Use Your Flatlays

  • 8

    07 THE END

    • THE END


  • 9


    • AUDIO EPISODE: Building a Brand Story

    • AUDIO EPISODE: Crafting Personality Into Your Brand

    • Course Workbook

Grow your business

Flatlays are a powerful way to tell your brand story & make more money

  • For the shop owner who needs to take better images of their products

  • For the service provider who wants to include personality into their images

  • For the entrepreneur wanting to take their social media game to the next level

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